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Man at Arms: Reforged does Aragorn’s sword from Lord of the Rings

Man at Arms: Reforged is back yet again to work on another cool weapon, and this time we have a giant sword from the Lord of the Rings. This one

Man at Arms: Reforged goes defensive with a recreation of Link’s shield

The Hylian Shield is one of the most iconic aspect of Link’s character and has been a staple of the Zelda franchise. The distinctive blue hue, the crest of Hyrule, and

Man at Arms: Reforged creates the sword from Berserk

The Man at Arms: Reforged team’s next weapon is the sword from the violent and gory anime, Berserk. Watch how they create the sword that’s wielded by Guts, the One

Now you can shoot fireballs from your hands for just $174

Did you ever dream of having super powers? I know I did. I always had the dream of being able to fly, whether I’d be like Rogue, Storm or even

Man at Arms: Reforged does Katarina’s Daggers from League of Legends

The Man at Arms: Reforged team are fans of League of Legends, and now they are creating the daggers as wielded by Katarina. Once the daggers are complete, they test

Man at Arms creates Auron’s Katana from Final Fantasy X

Bringing weapons to life that are based off of video games and anime is an art, one that Man at Arms has done many times. I can never get tired

Man at Arms: Reforged creates Scissor Blades from Kill la Kill

The folks over at Man at Arms: Reforged had a lot of request for Kill la Kill’s Ryuko Matoi’s Scissor Blade to be made. And now they have listened to

Making a real-life Assassin’s Creed Unity ‘Phantom Blade’

If you’re picking up Assassin’s Creed Unity this week, one of the weapons you’re probably looking forward to using is the Phantom Blade. What makes it so badass? Well, for

See how the Batman Wolverine claw is made

The AWE Me Channel has a spin-off of the Man at Arms series called Man at Arms: Reforged. In the premiere episode, we get to see a new team of

Halo’s Energy Sword in real life

Man at Arms, a web series after my own nerdy heart. They have created many nerdy weapons including ones from Adventure Time, The Hobbit, God of War and Final Fantasy

He-Man coming at you as a side-scroller! What’s going on?!

GameJolt‘s bWWd has released a demo of the game based on the classic 1980s animation, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It’s an action side-scroller in the tradition of many

Man at Arms creates Sephiroth’s Sword

Sephiroth’s sword, Masamune, is one of the most iconic swords in video game history and is very recognizable for its length and width. Now Man at Arms has blacksmith Tony

Man at Arms – God of War’s Blades of Chaos

Today, Awe Me and Man at Arms released a new video. This time master swordsmith Tony Swatton created one of my favorite video game weapons, the Blades of Chaos from

Man at Arms recreates Bilbo’s sword, Sting

Man at Arms has been creating a lot of different weapons from the fantasy and geek world, and now they’re going to recreate Bilbo’s elvish sword, Sting. In the Lord

CosCast 48 with Man at Arms’ Tony Swatton

On this week’s episode of The CosCast, we invite Man at Arm’s Tony Swatton to the show. He has recreated some cool deadly weapons including the Batarang, He-Man’s sword, Raphael’s

Learn to make a deadly Batarang

You guys want to learn how to make the Batarang from Nolan’s Batman movies? How about making them super deadly? Of course you do. In the latest episode of Man