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Top 5 MTG Commander 2015 Decks

The MTG Commander series has always been a fan favorite release for the simple fact that nearly all the cards you get are useful, cheap, and synergistic. Commander is a format

Interview with a Wizard: Ethan Fleischer

It is truly a great time to be a Magic the Gathering player. Hot off the heels of the release of the highly-anticipated Battle for Zendikar block of cards, the annual

Magic the Gathering Duel Deck announcement!

Magic the Gatherings duel decks are pretty polarizing for MTG fans. I have found that the duel decks are usually extremely good or extremely bad, but in most cases they

Magic the Gathering is going back to Innistrad

Just as the hype from Battle for Zendikar is calming down, and Fat Packs are almost attainable, the Wizards of the Coast team for Magic the Gathering drop a new announcement

Power Ranking the Battle for Zendikar Intro Packs

#5 Swarming Instinct (Blue/Green) Played by Marcus Hunter Swarming Instinct has a clear strategy with a lot of great looking Eldrazi spells; however, the deck falls short of expectations leaving

MTG’s Battle for Zendikar event deck is a powerhouse! (review)

The Battle for Zendikar has officially begun and there is no shortage of hype and excitement as the Magic the Gathering franchise makes its return to the fan-favorite plane of

Magic the Gathering’s Zendikar vs. Eldrazi deck list revealed and disappoints

The Magic the Gathering Duel Decks are awesome for so many reasons. The announcement that the latest bundle was titled Zendikar vs Eldrazi, made it one of the most anticipated

E3 2015: Magic Duels Origins – 100% Free to Play

I’m not ashamed to admit that the Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise was the game that introduced me into the world of Magic the Gathering. The easy-to-digest version of the

Preview for Patron of the Valiant card from Magic Origins

The new set, Magic Origins, for Magic: The Gathering is coming out this summer, and we have the preview for one of the cards. Preview the Patron of the Valiant card

Magic the Gathering overhauls block structure

Mark Rosewater, who many MTG faithful lovingly know as ‘Maro’, has dropped a bomb via the official website today in regards to some major changes coming to the release of

Magic the Gathering 2015 Core Set (review)

If you’re a fan Magic the Gathering in the past, now is a great time to get back into the game. I’m not saying this for some kind of marketing ploy,

The most epic buttcrack gallery of Magic: The Gathering players

Wizard of the Coast held a giant Magic: The Gathering tournament this past weekend in Richmond, Virginia, called the Grand Prix Richmond. Redditor OB1FBM dared to dream big by posing

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