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Mafia III’s free add-ons include new outfits and weapons

Just over a month after its launch, Mafia III has received its first round of DLC. I don’t know about you guys, but I was getting sick of running around New

Mafia 3 gets its 60 fps patch

The hotly anticipated but quickly delivered patch that allows PC gamers to up their FPS rate to 60 or unlimited has been released. There was a brief surge of discontent

Mafia III PC requirements released

In less than a month, we’ll be taking to the streets of New Bordeaux in 1968 with Mafia III. Today, the game’s website revealed the minimum and recommended requirements for the

An inside look at Mafia III’s Thomas Burke, head of the Irish Mob

Mafia III‘s protagonist, Lincoln Clay, can’t bring down mob boss Sal Marcano alone. He needs help from allies such as the Voodoo Queen Cassandra, the protagonist from Mafia II Vito Scaletta,

Mafia III contains over 100 songs from the 1960s

Mafia III is set in 1968, a decade full of some of the most memorable and genre-defying music. The developers at Hangar 13 are well aware of this and decided to go

Get an inside look into Mafia III’s Vito Scaletta

  2K Games dropped the Mafia III heist trailer yesterday during Gamescom, where Lincoln got a bit of help from an old school mob guy by the name of Vito

Check out ‘The Heist’ trailer for Mafia III

I don’t know who’s responsible for Mafia III‘s trailers, but they deserve a huge raise! A new trailer for the game was released at Gamescom this morning and features more of

Mafia III shows off New Bordeaux’s city districts

2k Games has just released the first of its Mafia III Gameplay Video Series titled “City Districts.” It gives us a look at some of the various districts within New Bordeaux

New Mafia III trailer features Cassandra, the Voodoo Queen

2K and Hangar 13 are going big with Mafia III, the upcoming open world third-person shooter set in the New Orleans-inspired New Bordeaux. Today they have released a new trailer

Mafia III ramps up the action and reimagines 1960s New Orleans

Developer Hangar 13 and publisher 2K are working on the next Mafia game called Mafia III for fans of the series, mob stories and open world action-adventures. With the previous games taking place in the

5 Things I want in Mafia III after watching story trailer

5. More Indoor Environments Sandbox-stylized games like Mafia and GTA often put us in these gorgeous sprawling environments, but hardly do we ever get to see the inner workings of

Mafia III story trailer revealed

2K Games has just released a new trailer for its upcoming game Mafia III, entitled “One Way Road”. More of the story is revealed this time around as is main

Mafia III worldwide ‘Who would you die for?’ reveal trailer

The tone and narrative in the new Mafia III reveal trailer is dark and gritty and is amazingly put together. It has me hyped to play and see just what

Is Mafia III in production?

If you’ve been playing the Mafia video game series since the beginning, you’re in for a treat because it looks like there’s been a hint of Mafia III being in