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Colaborator launches strong to help aspiring filmmakers

Filmmaking in today’s market is one of the hardest thing for aspiring filmmakers to do, but luckily Colaborator¬†has launched to help make their dreams come true. With a start-studded launch

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks adjusts to a modern office

Christina Hendricks can be seen on Mad Men, a show that takes place in the’60s. Now she is working at a modern office and still has dated technical skills and

Three new images for Mad Men Season 7

Fans of Mad Men will be sad that this season of the show will be the final season. Mad Men Season 7 will premiere on Sunday, April 13th, at 10pm

Don Draper meets Rod Serling in ‘Walking Distance’

When I watched the pilot episode of the AMC show Mad Men, I was dazzled by the design and intrigued by the characters that illustrated the glamorous (and repressed) world