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If Smash Bros. fought in real life

If the Smash Bros. fought in real life, it wouldn’t be much of a fight. It would probably be a lot of arguing, passive aggressive arguing, Facebook rants and more.

Luigi Nendroid coming this Summer

2013 was the year of Luigi, but his spotlight isn’t over yet. Thanks to Good Smile Company, Luigi will be immortalized in the form of a Nendroid figure complete with

Calling Dr. Luigi! Luigi is getting another spin-off

The Year of Luigi might be coming to and end, but it’s not over yet. On December 31st, Nintendo will be releasing Dr. Luigi on the Nintendo eShop as a

Nintendo says 2013 is ‘The year of Luigi’ with 3 new titles

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. During this mornings Nintendo Direct press conference, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced that this year the younger brother will be taking a few bigger roles, including the

Mario and Luigi love to beat the crap out of each other

Blue Goggles Film has created a gritty and tough, knuckle-brawler fan film starring your favorite video game brothers, Mario and Luigi. They were once loving brothers, but now they’re out

It’s Luigi’s Turn to Save the Princess

Here’s a choose your own adventure video starring Luigi. Luigi prepares for a special date with Daisy. The problem is that Daisy is being kidnapped inside a haunted mansion. It

Your Favorite 8-Bit Icons Will Be Reuniting in ‘Video Game Reunion’ Web Series

Atom.com and GameTrailers.com have teamed up to give us a new video game parody web series, Video Game Reunion, about what would happen if your favorite classic video game characters