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Why There’s Hope for Amy Hennig’s New Star Wars Game

Amy Hennig’s list of credits includes co-writer, co-designer and director for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and head writer and creative director for the Uncharted series. When it was announced

3 cancelled Star Wars games that leave us crying inside

As a Star Wars fan, my head is spinning (in a good way) on the amount of news coming out regarding the franchise, new film, etc. Obviously some of the

Free-to-play Star Wars online game will have you flying X-wings

With Disney owning Lucasfilm, the rights to the Star Wars games also came with it. The house of the mouse quickly dropped LucasArts out of the equation as a developing studio.

The Dark Side is going mobile with Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Disney Interactive is taking Star Wars back to the 8-bit days with a new mobile title called Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. LucasArts and NimbleBit are bringing an adventure where

Lucasfilm to use video-game methods to power movies!

Over a week ago, Disney unveiled plans to produce a stream of Star Wars-themed content annually. Recently, Lucasfilm attended the Technology Strategy Board in London to lay out their plans for

So what’s the status on Star Wars 1313?

LucasArts recently went under due to Disney wanting to focus all their Star Wars efforts on the films. One of the games that LucasArts was working on was the highly

Star Wars: The Old Republic Friends Trial

For a limited time players who have an active Star Wars: The Old Republic account will be able to invite up to three of their friends to explore the galaxy

Xbox 360 – Limited Edition Star Wars Bundle

Microsoft, along with LucasArts, announced that in celebration for their release of the “Kinect Star Wars” game, that a limited edition bundle of galaxy proportions will be available to buy.

E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic

As some of you readers out there know from my previous articles, I am a HUGE Star Wars nerd. Combine that with a certain event that just happened in Los

Amazing Star Wars: Force Unleashed II Launch Trailer and Upcoming Demo

Lucasarts has graced us with a beautiful cinematic trailer mixed with awesome in-game footage. The game is looking great and showcases Starkiller’s awe-inspiring dual lightsaber skills and new force powers.