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League of Legends: Bard the Wandering Caretaker now available

League of Legend’s newest support character has finally been released, and he is definitely one of Riot’s more unique characters in a long while. The most interesting ability is being

Kalista, The Spear of Vengeance – League of Legends Champion preview

Riot just recently revealed their newest upcoming champion Kalista, the Spear of Vengeance, a new marksman character or ADC to the MOBA community. Treacherously murdered, Kalista rose as a specter, twisted

1337LoungeLive now has its League of Legends team

We all love high quality streaming content, and 1337LoungeLive has been delivering awesome video game programming from day one. With the rise of the MOBA, Jace Hall‘s online show has

Next League of Legends character, Velkoz, leaked

We’ve been asking for a new machine, and Riot has finally delivered. The newest champion to grace the fields of justice will be Velkoz. Velkoz looks to be an AP

Phantom and DERP – Game server shutdowns and what has happened

December 30, 2013. On this day, League of Legends servers for North America and Europe were turned offline. Later in the day, Oceania was also turned offline. A hacking group,

League of Legends: Summoner Showdown #2 is truly, outrageous

The first Summoner Showdown released 4 months ago and took the League community by storm. With over 2 million views, it quickly gained popularity and left the community begging for

League of Legends: Team Curse has a new lineup for S4

Curse, much like CLG, have gone through multiple roster changes every year. With players rotating through the house faster than a plate of candied bacon at Snoop’s, it’s difficult to

League of Legends: 5x VS 5y game mode explodes in popularity!

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a full team of Karthuses*? How about 5 Teemos? 5 Blitzcranks even! A new mod for League of Legends dubbed “5x

League of Legends: New champion, Jinx, revealed

  After first seeing Vi’s page vandalized earlier this week, I immediately made the connection (or assumption) that this was a character who would either be a criminal or a

Lucian The Purifier: Champion Spotlight

Riot has finally delivered on Lucian The Purifier, the 115th (?) champion in League of Legends. This champion’s design is unique in a few ways: He seems of African descent

Riot delivers – Visas granted in the U.S.A. to Pro League of Legends athletes

While it may seem as though something as trivial and straightforward should be a given in the professional gaming scene, this announcement is perhaps the most important step E-Sports has

A quick guide to Riot’s skin price changes

So as many of us know, Riot has just implemented massive changes to its champion skin pricing. Prices dropped on all but 17 skins. For those of us who treat skins as

A new hilarious League of Legends YouTuber emerges

There is nothing more I enjoy than ending my day with a nice cup of Earl Grey hot, some pastries, and a good laugh before hitting the sack. As for the

League of Legends: 100th Champion Sneak Peak! Jayce, The Defender of Tomorrow

As the League of Legends Season Two World championships approach, which is offering the largest cash pot in gaming history, another important milestone is also on the horizon, and that

Must see League of Legends videos

With the burst of League of Legends popularity over the last couple years, many have begun creating Machinema, or Video Game Movies, with a wide array of focuses. Such names

League of Legends: Intel Extreme Masters in Kiev!

This week in the Russian cold, the world’s top LOL teams compete for the Intel Extreme Masters tournament with a very generous grand prize. The Competing teams are as follows

League of Legends: Dominion, First Thoughts and Tiers.

On Thursday, September 22nd, Riot sneakily released the dominion beta onto live servers at 11:30 am until 9:30 Pm. This is part of the initial beta testing and is not

League Of Legends: Dominion

Over the years, Riot games has been tweaking and fine tuning their prime creation, League Of Legends. A new announcement today has the MOBA community in an uproar, The first

League of Legends: E3 Preview (Exclusive Concept Art)

Riot has always been a company that takes it’s user base into account when creating new heroes, changing current ones, or adding new concepts to gameplay. With what they showed

League of Legends: DOTA Evolved

League of Legends first popped onto the scene as a project by Riot Games, a company started by the original creators of the super popular Warcraft 3 map, Defense Of

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