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First look at Lobo on Syfy’s Krypton

Warner Bros announced that former Constantine guest star Emmett J. Scanlan will once again join the DC universe as the fan-favorite antihero, Lobo. Currently being eyed for a feature film, it

Momoa talks about his Aquaman character in ‘Justice League’

When ET Canada sat down with Jason Mamoa, much of the focus was placed on his character, Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League film. When asked what his first thoughts

Final members of Justice League of America revealed

Recently at a New York Comic Con panel, the lineup of the new Justice League of America team was revealed with the exception of three. Now, DC Comics has revealed

DC’s Main Man, Lobo, gets a fan film

Of all the DC characters out there, Batman and Superman are the ones with the most fan films. However, one team decided to pay tribute to another DC character by

The Rock confirms DC movie involvement – Could it be Lobo?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently chatted with fans on Twitter via the “#RockTalk” Q&A session. According to the WWE superstar and movie action star, he’ll be working on an upcoming

Fans go nuts with reveal of ‘real’ Lobo for DC’s New 52

DC Comics has released new information about everybody’s favorite space bounty hunter. No, not Boba Fett. I’m talking about Lobo. Well, the Lobo we know and love isn’t who he

Lobo is the ‘Main Man’ in his Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer

Lobo is a mercernary/bounty hunter who is the last member of his race, the Czarnians. Well, he did have a helping hand in that by committing genocide on them. He

Lobo DLC announced for Injustice…already?

So earlier this week, Injustice creator Ed Boon announced that the first DLC Character to be released would be Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter. If you don’t know who Lobo

The Rock says Lobo film may not happening after all

Some sad news for those interested in the DC Comics film universe. During a recent interview for his upcoming movie Snitch, “The Great One” revealed his plans to play the

Justice League movie to possibly include Lobo played by The Rock

There’s been so much news lately surrounding the Justice League movie. Most recent would be who is in the running for directing duties on the film. We do know that