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Disney has found their Mulan in Chinese actress Liu Yifei

After a yearlong worldwide search, Disney has found their Mulan in Chinese actress Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, for the live-action adaptation directed by Niki Caro. After visiting

Disney holds open casting call for Aladdin

Middle Eastern actors between ages 18-25 and hoping to become the next Disney star can try for a lead role in the live-action Aladdin adaptation, set to begin filming this

Sword Art Online to get the live-action treatment

Japanese novel and anime property Sword Art Online is apparently stepping out of the digital world and into the world of live-action television. The SAO story centers around a boy,

The horror of Silent Hills’ P.T. gets remade in live-action

Remember P.T.? One of the scariest video games ever created? The only catch was that it was a DEMO for Silent Hills, a game that will never come out because Konami hates

Sonic the Hedgehog to get live-action/animated hybrid movie in 2018

It was announced in 2014 that Sony would be working to put gaming icon Sonic the Hedgehog on the silver screen with producer Neal Moritz and Marza Animation Planet (a Japanese production

HBO no longer attached to del Toro’s Monster

Back in May, HBO and Guillermo del Toro teased the idea of a live-action Monster series. According to a recent interview he had with Latino-Review, it seems that the show won’t

Disney planning live-action ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ from Fantasia

Another live-action film from Disney is on its way. Disney is developing a live-action movie based on the iconic “Night on Bald Mountain,” the closing sequence from the 1940 animated

Ian McKellen cast as Cogsworth in upcoming Beauty and the Beast film

As if the cast wasn’t already amazing, Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast film has added Ian McKellen to its list. Mr. Gandalf will be playing Cogsworth, the proper

‘Cinderella’ review: As lovely as her glass slippers

I had the lovely chance to see the new Disney live-action remake of Cinderella, and let me tell you, I fell in love. Now, I’m sure most of us know

Emma Watson to play Belle in Beauty and the Beast remake

It seems like more and more Disney movies are slowly being made into live-action films. (Hey, I’m not complaining.) For example, we’re getting a new live-action Cinderella adaption this year. Besides

This may be the best live-action Assassin’s Creed short by far

This is one of the best live-action short I’ve seen in a while. It’s so good even the game company replied and made it one of their fan appreciation choices.

On-set photos for the Patlabor live-action TV show

We have pictures for the upcoming live-action TV show, Patlabor, which is based on the anime of the same name. It will be a 12-episode show starting in April 2014

Space Battleship Yamato Review

It seems like everything coming out of theaters these days are just adaptations one after another. Much like Hollywood’s recent obsession of buying up rights and spitting out tons of comic book

Teaser trailer debuts for live-action Gatchaman movie

While Hollywood is making superhero movies left and right, Japan’s own cartoon heroes, Gatchaman, is getting their own live-action movie remake. Known in its native country as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, the

New Paradise Kiss Movie Poster & Trailer

A new movie poster and trailer has been released for the live-action adaptation of anime/manga Paradise Kiss. Exciting news for fans of manga artist Ai Yazawa (also known for her manga series Nana).