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Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas earn a perfect score in Dancing with the Stars

Those watching Dancing with the Stars for Lindsey Stirling can breathe a sigh of relief. The popular violin player is doing quite well. In fact, she just scored a perfect

What are the Top 5 Lindsey Stirling music videos?

Former 2010 America’s Got Talent failure Lindsey Stirling proved everyone wrong over the past decade. Starting with her YouTube videos, which included a number of cool video game covers, Stirling

Lindsey Stirling shines as Belle in Beauty and the Beast video

Time flies. Lindsey Stirling, a failed America’s Got Talent contestant in 2010, is now a star thanks to the power of YouTube and other social media. Her brand of violin

Lindsey Stirling takes on Hans Zimmer’s The Dark Knight Rises theme

Hans Zimmer has composed the score for many popular films including The Dark Knight trilogy, The Lion King, Inception, The Last Samurai and many more. The composer is working on

Lindsey Stirling goes steampunk with ‘Roundtable Rival’

Lindsey Stirling, the popular YouTube dancing violinist, has debuted her newest music video, “Roundtable Rival,” from her sophomore album, Shatter Me. It’s very steampunk-inpsired and takes place during the Wild

Top 6 best YouTube music of Legend of Zelda!

I’m a fan of movie and video game scores, and if your reading Nerd Reactor, chances are, you are too.  Perhaps the most iconic music in video game history comes from

Lindsey Stirling announces US album re-release with new tracks

Today, the cosplaying violinist Lindsey Stirling announced that Target will be carrying an exclusive deluxe version of her self-titled, self-released album that originally released September 2012. Now, a year and

Lindsey Stirling and Kurt Hugo Schneider do Pokemon dubstep

Yes, a new Lindsey Stirling performance! This time she’s being featured in Kurt Hugo Schneider’s music video as they do the dubstep version of Pokemon. The video is being released

Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens do Star Wars medley

Geek Week is almost at an end, but here’s a cool Star Wars medley from violinist Lindsey Stirling and singer Peter Hollens. It’s got Darth Vader, Boba Fett, jedi and

Lindsey Stirling finally does Halo theme!

I’ve been a Lindsey Stirling fan for quite a bit now, ever since I saw her take on Legend of Zelda on violin. Since then, she’s done many other memorable

Lindsey Stirling dresses up like Link and smashes pots for Freddie Wong

If you’ve ever played the Legend of Zelda games, then you probably have smashed a lot of pots during your gaming session. When I played Ocarina of Time, I would

Lindsey Stirling does Assassin’s Creed III violin

I’m a big fan of Lindsey Stirling and am currently obsessed with Assassin’s Creed III, so when I saw this video, I geekgasmed all over. Sorry for the mess. Not

Zelda violinist Lindsey Stirling does Game of Thrones

Recently we posted up the beautiful Harp Twins playing the Game of Thrones theme song. Now Zelda violinist Lindsey Stirling is also going after our hearts by doing a violin

Zelda violin girl wins our hearts with Skyrim

Lindsey Stirling, why am I so in love with you? Oh, it’s because you’re an awesome dancer and violinist who can play my favorite geeky tunes. You dressed up like

Zelda violin girl now does The Lord of the Rings

Lindsay Sterling, a girl after my own heart and known for her Legend of Zelda violin medley, has done another geek medley, The Lord of the Rings. It’s official, I

Zelda Music…Check. Female Link Cosplay…Check. Female Link Playing Violin to Zelda Music…Triple Check!

Okay, so this may be the best Zelda music video ever that I have laid eyes on (okay, maybe second to the Japanese Zelda commercial with female dancing Link). Lindsey