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SDCC 2016: Talking ‘Lights Out’ with producer Lawrence Grey

Over the weekend, Lights Out was released in theaters and became a surprise horror hit with audiences. The film follows Rebecca (Teresa Palmer), her little brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman), and their

Stay in the light while watching the latest trailer for ‘Lights Out’

Much like The Conjuring a few years ago, Lights Out is looking to be one of the fun horror highlights in the summer (our review). With less than a month from hitting

Lights Out – LA Film Fest Review

In 2013, the short film Lights Out became a viral sensation, as the short became a hit to critics and viewers, alike. The short’s simple – but effective – premise

Become afraid of the dark with the first trailer for ‘Lights Out’

Ever been afraid of the dark? Whether you still are or aren’t then the first trailer for the James Wan-produced Lights Out will definitely bring back those fears. During the WonderCon