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Final Fantasy’s Lightning models for Louis Vuitton

Square Enix and French fashion label Louis Vuitton have teamed up for a new spring/summer 2016 campaign featuring Lightning, the main protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII. Creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere

The Final Thirteen Days Trailer – Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

It’s no secret that Square Enix’s next Final Fantasy title releasing next year is Lightning Returns, aka Final Fantasy XIII-3, for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In the

Apple’s Lightning adapter will not work with old speakers!

With the unveiling of the iPhone 5 just a couple days ago, one of the biggest issues has been the highly overpriced $29 and $39 adapters required to connect your

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Receives a Perfect Score with Famitsu

Final Fantasy XIII received a score of 39/40 from Famitsu and sold well in its first few weeks overall. The game had many complaints and Famitsu stood by their score. Square Enix