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Disney pulls Beauty and the Beast from Malaysia

“Controversy” over the live-action Beauty and the Beast carries on. Released this past Friday in theaters everywhere, the remake is a wild financial success for Disney as it opened to

Trans game dev dies by suicide after internet harassers encourage her to kill herself

Warning: This article discusses themes of suicide and transphobia and includes quotes from harassers. Rachel Bryk, a 23-year-old programmer, committed suicide on Thursday night April 23rd, following what she described as

This is how BioWare deals with transgender in Dragon Age: Inquisition

You may hate on BioWare all you want about the ending of Mass Effect 3, but the one thing you can appreciate about them is their support of the LGBT community. In Mass Effect

The Last of Us: Left Behind’s bold move

This article contains major character spoilers for the DLC The Last of Us: Left Behind. The Last of Us was my favourite game released in 2013, and it has been

Mini Gay Day announced for March 29 at Disneyland

Break out your red shirts and head to Disneyland in Anaheim on Earth on March 29, 2014, for its six-month prequel to Gay Days Anaheim 2014. Unlike the main event, which

DC debuts first transgender character in mainstream comics

This is definitely an announcement so big that DC has turned to a big media outlet to reveal the first transgender character in mainstream comics. The character is that of

LGBT community blog not happy with The Walking Dead

As you know, the first two episodes of this Season 3 of The Walking Dead are in the books. With positive reviews for different media outlets and fans like, it

EA defends same-sex romance in games

So Electronic Arts sucks at basic business ethics. That much we can more or less agree on. As far as basic human rights go, however, they at least seem to

Nerd Reactor Introduces ‘Flame Reactor’ for the Geeky and Gay

In an effort to really start getting to the hearts of certain niches in our nerdy world, the team at Nerd Reactor is releasing its newest feature category, Flame Reactor,

Why You Should Attend LGBT-Centric ‘Bent-Con’ Next Year

It’s true; gay people do have an agenda. It’s an agenda that everyone must be informed about, because it’s going to soon make your next door neighbor gay. And the