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Playing The Division 2 with LeVar Burton

At this year’s E3, Ubisoft finally unveiled The Division 2 to the world. The game takes place 7 months after the first game and is mostly centered around why Division

You’re cordially invited to Stalking LeVar Season 1 Wrap Party

With Reading Rainbow making internet history, it’s a great time to feed your LeVar Burton addiction by celebrating with like-minded fans at the Stalking LeVar Season 1 Wrap Party. If you’re clueless about the web

Check out LeVar Burton’s new Reading Rainbow theme song

Remember the Reading Rainbow theme song that included lyrics like “I can be anything” and “I can go anywhere”? If so, check out the new theme song from Funny or

LeVar Burton shares his love of comic books for Free Comic Book Day

This weekend is going to be a glorious weekend for nerds. May 4th is the unofficial Star Wars Day, and the day before that is Free Comic Book Day on

LeVar Burton reads ‘The Night Before Christmas’

Growing up as a child, Reading Rainbow was one of my favorite shows to watch. Things have changed from when I was watching this show, since he is now reading

Star Trek star LeVar Burton calls “[email protected]#” on J.J. Abrams

Woah! Some harsh words coming from the man that encouraged me to read at a young age. Earlier this week, news has broken out that former Star Trek: The Next

Watch the Full Episode of Community Online with LeVar Burton

Here’s the full episode of Community in case you missed it last night with guest star LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow! Troy finally meets his idol. And here’s something extra