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FBE’s React Channel brings back full gaming playthroughs

Fine Bros. Entertainment took some criticism over the past months for not doing full playthroughs on certain games. Recently when the React Channel released their first Outlast II episode, followers

Let’s Play Outlast 2’s demo

Earlier this week, a demo for the highly-anticipated horror game Outlast II was released publicly for download on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Watch me as I hopelessly navigate a village that has been

Let’s Play DreadOut Part 2!

Gen the Geek Girl is back with yet another installment of our DreadOut Let’s Play series. And once again, she wanders around in an attempt to figure out the game’s

Let’s Play DreadOut!

Survival horror games are tried and true territory for Let’s Play enthusiasts; there’s just something about seeing another person scream like a little girl or surge at a jump scare

The Trash Heap – Bart vs The Space Mutants

  Another week, another bad video game! This episode of the Trash Heap, I delve into the beginnings of a trend that will last the entire history of video games:

The Trash Heap – Shadow the Hedgehog

It’s that time again! This week on The Trash Heap, we delve into the horror that is Shadow the Hedgehog, Sega’s feeble attempt to try to turn Sonic’s stoic counterpart

Check out our new Let’s Play series, The Trash Heap!

Welcome to The Trash Heap, a Let’s Play gaming series where I play some of gaming’s worst atrocities! This started out as a personal project, but it is now officially

WhoLetsPlay: Helping Let’s Play gamers get back on their feet

If you’ve been living under a rock the past week or so (and considering how cold it’s been, I wouldn’t blame you), Google went and pissed off A LOT of