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Ashley Clements’ sci-fi series, SONA, coming next week to Legendary’s Alpha

SONA is an upcoming sci-fi series from creator Ashley Clements (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), who will also be starring as Lieutenant Belyn Sona. The scripted drama is set in the

Hollywood engaged in bidding war for live-action Pokemon movie rights

If there’s anything Hollywood loves to do, it’s snapping up movie rights and sitting on them for years. The Hollywood Reporter reports that a multitude of Hollywood studios is fighting

Dead Rising: Watchtower casts more actors including Rob Riggle and Epic Meal Time’s Harley

Legendary and Crackle are currently working on a Dead Rising movie that’s based on the video game by Capcom. So far the confirmed casting included Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must

Guillermo Del Toro, Legendary Pictures, and YouTube host Halloween Film Contest!

Halloween is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate this scary holiday than to enter a contest of spooktacular proportions. Guillermo Del Toro teamed up with Legendary Pictures

SDCC 2014: Warcraft movie logo revealed

Legendary has revealed the Warcraft movie logo at the their booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Warcraft is based on the popular RTS and MMO video game series and originally had

Dracula Untold trailer released

A trailer for Dracula Untold has been released. And at the start we hear a boy say: My father was a great man. A hero, so they say. Sometimes the

Rumor: Are the film rights to Namor back at Marvel?

Following reports that Universal is developing a Namor film for a 2016 release, comes another source that says that the rights have reverted back to Marvel. The Hollywood Reporter writer

Godzilla 2014: What are the MUTO kaiju?

This image above has been heavily speculated over the last week or so ever since the first trailer for Godzilla was released. Many believe that this the silhouette of classic

Pacific Rim: New TV spot and poster

Legendary Pictures tweeted a new wallpaper/banner for Pacific Rim on their Twitter as well as the fourth TV spot for the film. Set to release on July 12th in IMAX

Mewtwo plus New Legendary Pokemon puzzle starting to connect!

So apparently Mewtwo IS related to the new legendary pokemon in the upcoming X and Y versions, confirmed on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. Check out this little snippet: So there you