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Experiencing The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert

The Legend of Zelda has been around for nearly as long as the release of the NES in America. The franchise is known for its strong stories, great gameplay, and

Cloud, Bayonetta, Corrin, Link amiibo announced during Nintendo Direct

It’s been some time since we’ve heard any news about the Super Smash Bros. Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta amiibo figures. Well, we finally have a date for their release. Nintendo revealed in

Defenders of the Triforce Escape Room is cheesy and fun

After decades of exploring Hyrule as the hero Link in various Legend of Zelda games, it finally felt as if my time had come to rescue the Princess Zelda and save Hyrule in person

Life-sized Majora’s Mask replica coming from First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures has been on a roll with announcing really amazing pieces back to back over the last few months including Meta Ridley, Saitama, and Sif. Now it adds

‘Majora’s Mask: Terrible Fate’ is an amazing Skull Kid origin story

Legend of Zelda is known for its euphoric music and grand adventures and stories. It usually doesn’t focus much on the supporting cast of characters. This is where Ember Labs

Rumor: Zelda Wii U to have voice acting, gender select, and NX release

Every Nintendo fan has their radar on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U (or as most like to call it Zelda U) later this year and the serious lack of information only

Ittle Dew 2 coming this summer for PS4, Xbox One and Steam

Ittle and Tippsie are back, and they have crashed on yet another island. A sequel to the original Ittle Dew game released back in 2013 from developer Ludosity, Ittle Dew 2 will once again feature

A look at The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD amiibo support

Recently it was leaked that the Wolf Link amiibo would unlock a new dungeon, an area that wouldn’t be available any other way. This caused a bit of a problem

Linkle, Link’s female counterpart, coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends

Meet Linkle, the newest character added to Hyrule Warriors Legends for the Nintendo 3DS. Originally known only as “female Link,” concept art of Linkle’s design was revealed in the Hyrule Warriors artbook.

Good Smile Company reveals two new Link figures at NYCC

Legend of Zelda fans were in for a treat at this year’s New York Comic Con. Good Smile Company revealed two new Link figures that will be released sometime next

Toon Link is coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends

The Nintendo 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors roster just got a bit bigger with the addition of Toon Link. He’ll be joining Tetra and the King of Hyrule as playable characters

GameStop’s Hyrule Gold Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL

If you missed out on buying the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask themed New Nintendo 3DS last year, you may be in luck. GameStop has just put up a pre-order

Game of Hyrule: Legend of Zelda gets a Game of Thrones opening

The gang at Megasteakman has just released a new video mixing both Game of Thrones and Legend of Zelda into an epic opening called Game of Hyrule! Using the music and map

Man at Arms: Reforged goes defensive with a recreation of Link’s shield

The Hylian Shield is one of the most iconic aspect of Link’s character and has been a staple of the Zelda franchise. The distinctive blue hue, the crest of Hyrule, and

Wave 3 Amiibo on the way to Gamestop this week!

If you’re a collector and a fan of Nintendo, then without a doubt you have been pulled into the latest craze that Nintendo has started with their popular line of

Game Awards 2014: The Legend of Zelda Wii U

The 2014 Game Awards happened yesterday and both Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma were happy to bring some joy to every Nintendo fan with a world premiere. This year they

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D coming to 3DS in Spring 2015

After releasing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, fans have been anxiously awaiting for Nintendo to release the followup title, Majora’s Mask. Nintendo has hinted

Monopoly: Legend of Zelda!

So you’ve probably seen the custom fan-made Monopoly sets for your favorite Disney movie, or for your favorite game series. Well, fans of Legend of Zelda, no need to wish

Hyrule Warriors gets a smashing new trailer

KOEI Tecmo Japan posted up a new trailer for the much anticipated Hyrule Warriors featuring the arsenal of characters you’ll be able to play as. Lots of gameplay footage going on with

E3 2014: New Legend of Zelda trailer compared to the 2011 HD tech demo

Legend of  Zelda’s new trailer from Nintendo press event has everyone talking. It would be the first Zelda title to appear on a next-gen console with HD graphics and an open

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