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NA League of Legends CS Finals Day 1 – TIP vs TL

As the NA LCS championships come to a close, we begin to see some amazing plays from each team battling it out for the top 4 spots. As it was

Pentakill’s debut album preview ‘Lightbringer’ already at 1.5 million views

It hasn’t even been two days yet but Riot’s fictional band, Pentakill, at the moment is passing the 1.5 million mark for the Lightbringer single, proving that Dethlok isn’t the only fictional

Next League of Legends character, Velkoz, leaked

We’ve been asking for a new machine, and Riot has finally delivered. The newest champion to grace the fields of justice will be Velkoz. Velkoz looks to be an AP

Korea to pass a law making video games taxable similar to alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Well this is new. It’s a sad day to see such a direct attack on the profit margins from video games by the government of a country which had arguably

League of Legends: Summoner Showdown #2 is truly, outrageous

The first Summoner Showdown released 4 months ago and took the League community by storm. With over 2 million views, it quickly gained popularity and left the community begging for

League of Legends: Team Curse has a new lineup for S4

Curse, much like CLG, have gone through multiple roster changes every year. With players rotating through the house faster than a plate of candied bacon at Snoop’s, it’s difficult to

League of Legends: 5x VS 5y game mode explodes in popularity!

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a full team of Karthuses*? How about 5 Teemos? 5 Blitzcranks even! A new mod for League of Legends dubbed “5x