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NA League of Legends CS Finals Day 1 – TIP vs TL

As the NA LCS championships come to a close, we begin to see some amazing plays from each team battling it out for the top 4 spots. As it was

NA League of Legends Championship Series Week 9 Day 2 – C9 secures a Sneaky 3-0

What a day. May the C9 hype train commence with smiles all around for the return of an NA favorite. Not to say they were down and out, but watching

What it’s like inside Riot’s new eSports facility

(WARNING: This article is best loaded using an LTE Mobile connection or a DSL/Cable connection) Last year, you may have remembered that the League of Legends Championship Series was held in

League of Legends Champion Series (March 21-22): The rise of Urgod

This is perhaps the most entertaining LCS matches of the year. While that may seem strange at first, watching North America’s top midlaner lose to an Urgot pick is absolutely

New League of Legends figures, shirts, and more for sale now!

If you have the pleasure of making your way down to the LCS studio sometime soon, you’ll be greeted with these beautiful doors to merch heaven. There isn’t much you

Riot is getting greedy; Season 4 LCS contract bars players from streaming competitor’s titles

I’ll just say it, this is the first time I’ve been truly disappointed with Riot games. In what could possibly the biggest shot in the foot for League of Legends,