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Apple in hot water with Caltech

According to a suit filed by Caltech, Apple has been using Wi-Fi technology that it should not have been nor that they had the rights to. The university claims that Apple

Samsung to sue Apple over 4g LTE in the iPhone 5

As most would know, Apple’s recent legal action against Korean mobile giant Samsung resulted in a victory for Apple and a $1.05 billion USDA payout. It lead to a greedy

Marvel sued over Avengers box set packaging

What is it with Hollywood and luggage companies? In the second time this past year, a luggage company has sued a major movie studio over knockoffs of their products. The

Does Gamestop Have the Rights to Record Your Information? This Lawsuit Says NO!

The #1 gaming giant seems to have found itself in trouble as a Class Action Lawsuit was filed after it was noted that Gamestop had violated California Civil Code section