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E3 2017: ORIGIN PC’s new EVO15-S combines power with portability

ORIGIN PC provides pre-built desktops and laptops with a strong emphasis on power for gaming and other professional applications such as video and photo editing. Back at E3, I got

Solo Rival Backpack (review)

When we got the chance to review the Solo Rival Backpack, I was pretty excited. I haven’t been excited about a backpack since elementary school when I had a Batman

First look: Microsoft announces first ever Laptop called Surface Book

Microsoft threw techies a curve ball at the Microsoft Windows 10 device event by announcing the first ever Microsoft Laptop. Many of us expected the announcement of the Microsoft Band

Nerdy Deal of The Day: ($779) Lenovo Y40 i7-5500U, R9 M275 4GB, 512GB SSD

Another week, another deal. If you’ve been in the market for a new laptop, this is your lucky day! Lenovo has a promotion currently with a special $100 off coupon on

Nerdy deal of the day: Get a $1500 laptop for only $999 on Amazon

I know this segment has been MIA for a little while but this was just too good of a deal not to share with you guys. We’re all trying to

Staad Laptop BackPack safely takes your gear around in vintage style

You’ve got a full-time job. You meet with people. You have to look nice because, well, you meet with lots of people. You also attend cons and travel a great

Lenovo Yoga 11s review – Half laptop-half tablet

The Lenovo Yoga 11S is a tablet/laptop combo, and after using it for about two months now, I have learned to appreciate both the laptop and tablet more. Thinner than most

Best of CES 2013: Unleash your inner Dragon with MSI

CES 2013 bought with it a plethora of manufacturers claiming to have the best of the best. While few can deliver on such presumptions, MSI has promised, delivered, and with

Review: DBEST London Duo Rechargeable Bluetooth Mini-Speaker Set

I like to use Bluetooth speakers for everything because I move around a lot in my house with my tablet, computer and phone. I was asked to review the DBEST

Ultrabook Convertibles and You, a buyer’s guide for the winter holidays.

Purchasing a new laptop can be one of the most arduous and stressful experiences a consumer can have. Standing in a retail environment with 30+ different machines staring at you,

Intel at CES 2012: Ultrabooks Now!

With quite the comedic intro, Intel kicks off CES 2012 with some of the biggest announcements of day 0. As Mooley Eden, Vice president of general manager, entered a stage

New Alienware Laptops M14x and M18x Announced

Many will agree that Alienware computers are among the flashiest and sleekest gaming PC devices (just ask the girl next to me at Starbucks who noticed my M11x and called

Sony Unveils Vaio Y Series Notebook

Sony announces a Vaio Y series laptop that will compete in the market with the thinnest MacBook Air models. It will weigh just over 3lbs, and have all the great features of a full sized laptop.