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Officer Downe – LA Film Fest Review

The graphic novel “Officer Downe” was, at one point, considered too weird and violent to adapt for the big screen. Yet producer Mark Neveldine (Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance), director

11:55 – LA Film Fest Review

Westerns have been a facet of film history ever since the beginning. Although the era of the Western is long gone, its influence can still be found in Hollywood today. One

Sensitivity Training – LA Film Fest Review

There’s something about an “odd couple” that seems to work well in comedies. Ever since the idea became popular back in 1965 with Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple,” there have

Zedd True Colors – LA Film Fest Review

In 2012, Zedd burst through the music scene with his catchy and melodic hit, Clarity. Ever since then Anton Zaslavski, otherwise known as Zedd, has sold millions of copies of

Lights Out – LA Film Fest Review

In 2013, the short film Lights Out became a viral sensation, as the short became a hit to critics and viewers, alike. The short’s simple – but effective – premise

The Conjuring 2 – LA Film Fest Review

After the tremendous pressure that came from Fast 7, James Wan decided to go back to the genre that has defined his career: Horror. This time, Wan has decided to put