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Underwater – Digital HD Review

  As a whole, Underwater takes inspiration from a variety of genres. It’s partially a race-against-the-clock thriller, a survival horror, and finally—a kaiju film. On paper, the concept is intriguing.

Lizzie Review

Many urban legends have been told about the notorious ax murderer, Lizzie Borden. As you may have heard, Borden was accused of killing her family members with an ax. Since

Max Landis’ new action movie, American Ultra, gets posters

The first posters of the upcoming American Ultra may not give the best representation of what the film is about, but it shows you the kind of people the main characters

Kristen Stewart wants to be in a Marvel film

Kristen Stewart has gotten a lot of flak for her acting abilities. There are many out there who aren’t fans of the actress, and this piece of news may upset