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Kotobukiya’s Velvet Crowe Ani-Statue from Tales of Berseria review

Kotobukiya is a company known to collectors for its various figures and statues like the Bishoujo and ArtFX line. However, one line that doesn’t get as much attention is the

Kotobukiya’s Rainbow Mika Bishoujo statue is curvey

To date, Kotobukiya has released Chun-Li, Cammy, Juri, Sakura, Poison and Ibuki (with a few exclusive variants). Later this month Rainbow Mika will join the line in North America and

WonderCon 2017 – Kotobukiya Spring preview panel

Kotobukiya returns to WonderCon 2017 to showcase all of its upcoming releases for all of its various figure lines including the Bishoujo, ArtFx and ArtFX+. The panel kicked off with

Kotobukiya reveals Harley Quinn New 52 version bishoujo figure

Kotobukiya has just revealed its new DC bishoujo figure, Harley Quinn New 52 Version. This Japanese import figure highlights Harley’s red and blue look as she holds her wooden mallet over

Kotobukiya reveals Spider-Gwen and new horror Bishoujo statues

We have some great news for fans of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line. The company has posted a few new photos on its Facebook page from Wonder Festival 2016. The new images reveal some

Metal Gear Solid’s Sniper Wolf gets a Kotobukiya bishoujo statue

Kotobukiya has announced that the Metal Gear Solid’s Sniper Wolf bishoujo statue is now available for pre-order. With this announcement, we get some more information on the deadly beauty along with

Kotobukiya announces San Diego Comic-Con 2015 exclusives

San Diego Comic-Con is just over a week away, and now we have a look at Kotobukiya’s exclusive items which will be available at SDCC and online in limited quantities. Check

WonderCon 2015: Kotobukiya showcases 2015 releases

Every year at WonderCon, Kotobukiya holds a panel showcasing what fans can expect to this year. Kotobukiya’s Dan Lujan hosted the panel, showcased the upcoming collectibles from a variety of

Kotobukiya’s Zatanna bishoujo figure revealed

Kotobukiya has released images for its upcoming bishoujo figure, Zatanna from DC Comics. She’s the daughter of magician Giovanni “John” Zatara and has been a part of the Justice League and

Kotobukiya reveals Street Fighter’s Juri bishoujo statue

Last time we saw the Juri Bishoujo statue from Kotobukiya, it was displayed unpainted at San Diego Comic-Con. Today Kotobukiya shows off the fully-painted statue, and I just have to

Own your very own ‘Merc with a Mouth’ ArtFX+ statue from Kotobukiya

At San Diego Comic-Con Kotobukiya had the Marvel Now Deadpool ARTFX+ statue on display. Kotobukiya has announced that the “Merc with a Mouth” will be arriving in March 2015 with a

Review: Kotobukiya SDCC limited edition Psylocke Marvel Bishoujo Statue

So there’s this amazingly beautiful figure sitting in my shelf, and I get to thinking, “It really deserves a review.” It isn’t often that I go out of my way

Sword Art Online II Sinon 1/8 Scale PVC Figure coming from Kotobukiya

On Kotobukiya’s Facebook it was announced that the Sword Art Online II Sinon -Phantom Bullet- 1/8 Scale Ani*Statue will be released in January 2015 in North America. Sinon is the main focus in

SDCC 2014: Kotobukiya showcases upcoming line up

Every year Stormtroopers and Darth Vader visit the Kotobukiya booth at San Diego Comic-Con, but this year the team had a really amazing display filled with tons of Stormtrooper ARTFX+

Marvel Bishoujo Spider-Woman Metallic Paint Statue Review

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is less than a week away and for some people it’s all about the exclusive collectibles If you have never been to San Diego Comic-Con before,

Kotobukiya reveals Jubilee bishoujo statue

Kotobukiya today has revealed an upcoming Japanese import from its Marvel Bishoujo collection with X-Men’s Jubilee. The statue is designed by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Gotaro Takeuchi (Atelier Bamboo)

Kotobukiya’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is a classic X-Men era Psylocke Bishoujo Statue

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, Kotobukiya is known for releasing an alternate colored Bishoujo statue as a SDCC exclusive. This year the previously released X-Force Psylocke will be given a classic

Kotobukiya announces Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman ARTFX J Statue

Kotobukiya has released new shots of the upcoming Attack on Titan Mikasa Ackerman ARTFX J Statue, due out in October 2014. The Mikasa Ackerman ARTFX J Statue comes with an amazing looking stand

Jason Voorhees to get a sexy bishoujo statue

Kotobukiya will be releasing the Freddy vs. Jason bishoujo statues later this year. We’ve seen how Miss Freddy looks, but how will Miss Jason Voorhees look as a bishoujo statue? Check

Street Fighter Chun-Li Bishoujo Statue review

First introduced in 1991, Chinese martial artist Chun-Li has appeared in many of Capcom’s fighting games for the last 23 years, including all of the the Street Fighter series after Street Fighter