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KontrolFreek Omni Thumbsticks, Gaming Cable, and Performance Grips (Review)

When it comes to gaming on a console, there are tons of accessories available. However, the question to whether they actually help you game better or improve your gaming experience

Checking out KontrolFreek’s PlayStation 4 thumbstick extenders

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people are gamers, and when it comes to online gaming, players are always looking for an advantage over their opponents. Console gamers, this

Defend the Last City with KontrolFreek’s Destiny CQC Thumbsticks (PS4 review)

For years gamers have been trying to get a competitive edge and hone their skills. And for years now, KontrolFreek has been the trusted brand in helping to improve your

KontrolFreek enhances your PS4 controller analog sticks

The PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller is a big improvement over the previous controllers. It has a more ergonomic grip, wider spacing for the analog sticks, more comfortable analog sticks,

KontrolFreek: The thumbstick enhancer that’ll improve your FPS skills

When I first heard about the KontrolFreek thumbstick enhancer, I thought they were going to be gimmicky. The accessories were designed to improve your skills on FPS games including the