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Star Trek Online: Delta Rising is coming soon!

Star Trek Online (STO) has been running for several years now. As with any MMORPG, it had its ups and downs, but in the growing expanse of gaming options for

Star Trek – TNG coming to Infinity Wars [TCG]

If you haven’t been aware of the digital card game Infinity Wars, they’re about to unleash a big expansion to their game! They’re adding Star Trek‘s Federation and Klingon factions

Bing celebrates the release of Star Trek Into Darkness

When you go on Bing.com, enter “Beam Me Up” and you will be “beamed” onto a interactive page that features the Enterprise, Earth and another planet to click on. Each

Star Trek wedding during London convention

It’s finally happened! A real Klingon wedding ceremony was performed at the ‘Destination Star Trek London’ convention last Friday. Swedes Jossie Sockertopp and Sonnie Gustavsson were inspired by the Star