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Kite live-action film review

It remains rare for an anime film or series to be adapted to an English language live-action film, and with the track record for quality set by movies like Dragonball

NSFW Kite clip features blood and brain splatter

Check out the first clip for Kite, an adaptation of the controversial anime of the same name, where we get to see Sawa (India Eisley) inside an elevator with a dude

KITE hits theaters on October 10th

KITE is a controversial anime that is now becoming a live-action flick. It will be released in theaters and VOD October 10th, and on DIRECTV earlier on August 28th. The

First KITE trailer revealed and my struggle with this cult classic

Back in September we discovered that not only was Hollywood actually making a live-action adaptation of the 1998 cult-classic anime OVA KITE, but that it would also be staring Samuel

Samuel L. Jackson to star in live-action anime adaptation, Kite

Check out this photo of Samuel L. Jackson in the live-action anime adapted film, Kite. He’ll be portraying corrupt detective, Karl Aker (the original anime name is Akai). Kite is