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SDCC 2015: Is Pinball making a comeback?

San Diego Comic-Con is humming right along and out of it has come many revelations and scoops as to what is going to be the future of geek culture. While

Momoiro Clover Z making their US debut at Anime Expo 2015

In celebration of Momoiro Clover Z’s first United States appearance at Anime Expo 2015, a special “Who is Momoiro Clover Z?” video was released over the weekend. The Japanese idol group is known for

Exclusive: Gene Simmons Working on KISS Angry Bird Game?

We just got word that Gene Simmons has just signed a deal to make a KISS Angry Birds game. He hasn’t released information about it yet, but he recently tweeted

New Paradise Kiss Movie Poster & Trailer

A new movie poster and trailer has been released for the live-action adaptation of anime/manga Paradise Kiss. Exciting news for fans of manga artist Ai Yazawa (also known for her manga series Nana).

Geek Spotlight: A Hardcore KISS Fan

Meet Gil. He’s a salesman by day, but a hardcore KISS fan by night. Nerd Reactor was able to check out his pad and take some pics of his collectibles,