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Hikaru Utada and Skrillex’s Kingdom Hearts III opening song, ‘Face My Fears’ now available

Kingdom Hearts III is almost here! The hype is building up with the game’s release, and today Hikaru Utada drops her Face My Fears EP featuring songs from the game. Hikaru

Funko’s Kingdom Hearts III Pop Vinyl figures include Monster’s Inc versions

After a decade, we’re finally getting a Kingdom Hearts game for consoles in 2019. And to get a headstart on the hype, the characters will be getting the Funko Pop treatment

SDCC: Demoing the wonderful worlds of Kingdom Hearts III

It’s been fourteen years since the release of Kingdom Hearts III. Fourteen years of patience. Fourteen years of waiting for a proper sequel to Kingdom Hearts II. Now, as we

Kingdom Hearts 3 coming in 2018, Toy Story World revealed

Last year at D23, Square Enix announced that Big Hero 6 will be one of the new worlds coming to Kingdom Hearts 3. Instead of making a huge reveal at

Utada Hikaru has started work on Kingdom Hearts III music

Some of the best things about the Kingdom Hearts games were the theme songs by Utada Hikaru. We’ve had the catchy “Simple and Clean/Hikari” from Kingdom Hearts and “Sanctuary” from

New E3 footage for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is here!

While Square Enix bides its time working on Kingdom Hearts 3, it has released a new trailer for its upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Seriously that title is long

Man of Action talks Mega Man, Deadpool and Big Hero 6 at Long Beach Comic Con

During this year’s Long Beach Comic Con, the men behind Man of Action held a panel talking about how they came together and how they came up with the name

Kingdom Hearts 3 to include Pixar?

A LinkedIn profile from a former Square Enix profile may have released some new information about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the possible release of Kingdom Hearts 2.9 for the PlayStation 4

Kingdom Hearts III could be coming sooner than you think

Square-Enix’s next installment of its Disney-infused action RPG, Kingdom Hearts III, could be coming sooner than we thought. Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy, posted on Twitter that he was told

Kingdom Hearts III could have Marvel and Star Wars characters

Kingdom Hearts is an RPG action game series that was able to mix in both worlds from Final Fantasy and Disney. With Kingdom Hearts II, we were introduced with Tron and Captain

Tetsuya Nomura no longer directing Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has a few big projects currently in development that fans have been waiting for. Final Fantasy XV (previously known as Final Fantasy versus XIII) has been in development off and

Kingdom Hearts III will not be at E3

Well this is certainly a let down. Kingdom Hearts III was one of the most anticipated games to appear at E3 this year. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto

Hikaru Utada will perform the theme song of Kingdom Hearts III

♪ MAH SANCTUAAARAAAAAH ♫ ♪ MAH SANCTUAAARAAAAAH ♫ Great news for all you Kingdom Hearts fans out there. It was just confirmed today that Hikaru Utada will be once again be doing the main theme song