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How far are the keyboards mechanisms reaching

A keyboard is very similar to what you think of a small computer. There are a variety of components that make it what it is and contribute to how it

Cooler Master SK621 Mechanical Wireless Keyboard (Review)

Cooler Master has a whole slew of hardware products like keyboards, PC cases, power supplies, headsets, mice, and of course coolers. Every one of its products has been specially designed from community feedback.

Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review

I’ve always been hesitant to review keyboards, seeing as I’m not much of a competitive gamer nor am I a PC tech god. (Although I do know significantly more than

Logitech’s Prodigy peripherals target casual gamers

With the rise of eSports and competitive online gaming in the past few years, the major gaming peripheral manufacturers have been in an arms race of creating the best keyboards,

Razer BlackWidow X Chroma review – Quality and performance at a great price

Sometimes less is more, and Razer proves just that with its latest gaming keyboard the BlackWidow X Chroma. It is aimed towards gamers who are looking to step up their

SteelSeries APEX M500 Keyboard review

  When it comes to computer accessories, keyboards are a dime a dozen. When shopping for a one, it’s often very easy to become overwhelmed in the sea of possibilities.

GDC 2016: Meet the Razer Core and Razer BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard

Razer is a company that is known for some great quality products including the very well-received Razer Blade Notebook and a line of accessories for PC gamers. During GDC they held an

Razer’s Black Friday deals for 2015

Razer products belong firmly within the top-rated peripherals for PC gamers through years of quality and engineering. While retaining quality also means a higher price point, I’m happy to say that

Tesoro Excalibur Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Every true PC gamer knows what they need to play at the top of their game, from custom-built PCs with liquid cooling systems to gaming peripherals like a gaming mouse

Review: The Logitech Harmony wireless smart keyboard, couch surfing at its finest

Casual couch gaming has never been easier or simpler than with the Harmony. What exactly do I mean by couch gaming? Well if you haven’t watched the video below yet,

Review: The Genius DeathTaker, Imperator and GX-Speed White Edition

White peripherals have always been extremely rare in the gaming scene for a few reasons. First and foremost is that they usually won’t match the majority of builds out there. Secondly, they

Gamdias – New PC gaming peripherals from Taiwan look pretty sweet

  So, I checked my e-mail a few minutes ago. GAMDIAS (GAM, standing for Gaming Art in Motion and DIAS meaning God) is coming on the scene with products distinctive of

Steelseries Black Friday sales go live tomorrow, up to 40% off

With Black Friday coming around in only a few days, you’ve already picked out which computer, monitor, and games you’ll be purchasing. Too often PC gamers do not realize the

ROCCAT Ryos Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Hit US Shelves

The German-based company, Roccat, has been a rising star in the PC gaming peripherals industry since 2007. Roccat’s first product, the Kone (check out our review), set them off to

The Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7, a Maddeningly customizable keyboard

First seeing this Mona Lisa of peripherals at CES 2012, I was blown away at the S.T.R.I.K.E’s insane yet brilliant features. Mad Catz has become not only a competitor, but

Nerdy Deal of The Day: Steelseries Golden Opportunity ($160 for Keyboard/Headset)

A good, functional, resilient keyboard is a must have for any competitive PC gamer. Mechanical keyboards have been taking the scene by storm one house at a time. Of course

Review: The Steelseries Apex Gaming Keyboard

If you macro, and have a hundred bucks, you want the Apex. Nuff Said. Finding a cheap, comfortable membrane keyboard is pretty difficult these days. Having to scour through a

Roccat Isku Keyboard Review: Why can’t I hold all these macroes!?

Gaming on a PC has its various quirks. Primarily, you have to figure out what makes you comfortable when doing those multi-hour marathon sessions, whether playing a lot of Counter

Verbatim Wireless Mini Slim Board Review

We review the Wireless Mouse and Keyboard by Verbatim. Nice pics, and good tech views.

Steelseries: Shift To Epic Levels

Steelseries has always been one of the best known names in PC gaming accessories, having exclusives with many huge games such as World of Warcraft, Medal of Honor, etc.. Steelseries

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