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Keanu Reeves returns for John Wick 2

Keanu Reeves returned to the action genre with John Wick. It was a surprisingly good action flick that was well-received by critics and fans. Although it wasn’t a mega blockbuster,

Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich team up for ‘New Angeles’ TV series

Slingshot Global Media announced today that Keanu Reeves, known for playing Neo in The Matrix Trilogy, and Roland Emmerich, known as the original Michael Bay with Independence Day, have teamed

Keanu Reeves to star in Rain TV series

Slingshot Global Media has teamed up with Keanu Reeves to produce a television series called Rain based on the best-selling book series by Barry Eisler. The book series includes titles

47 Ronin – Keanu Reeves joins Tom Cruise as a white man living with samurai

Wow, this movie just came out of nowhere for me. The trailer for 47 Ronin was just released today, and it has Keanu Reeves making a return as an action

Universal Pictures removes 47 Ronin Director

Just in case some of you haven’t heard, Universal Pictures recently delayed their Samurai Epic entitled “47 Ronin” for a 2013 release. If you don’t know who or what the

Keanu Reeves as Kaneda in Akira Live Action Movie?

Currently, Keanu Reeves is in talks with Warner Bros. to potentially play Kaneda in the upcoming Akira film. So far there has been multiple people that have been looked at

Keanu Reeves is Stoked About the Idea of Third Bill & Ted Movie

Excellent! Ted “Theodore” Logan recently talked to MTV News about there possibly being a third installment in the Bill and Ted Adventures. It’s hard to realize that it has only

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