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The Marksman – Blu-ray Review

Despite being called The Marksman, the film doesn’t have a lot of gunfights going on. Instead, The Marksman is an action-thriller that feels more like a Clint Eastwood film than the next Taken franchise. It’s

Is Katheryn Winnick teasing Black Canary announcement at SDCC 2017?

Is Katheryn Winnick teasing that she will be announced as the Black Canary this coming San Diego Comic-Con 2017? In a subtle but mysterious Instagram story, the Vikings actress talked

Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick down to play Black Canary in DC Extended Universe

A lot of fans were pushing for Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick to portray Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, that wasn’t the case when Brie Larson was the actress chosen.

Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick would love to play Captain Marvel

It was mentioned before that Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick was interested in playing a Marvel super hero. Now we have a new interview of her expressing specifically that she would LOVE

Does Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick want to play Captain Marvel?

Katheryn Winnick is currently starring in History’s Vikings. She has a background in martial arts and is a very beautiful woman. This combination has already made her one of the

WonderCon: An interview with Vikings’ Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick and George Blagden

I had the honor of attending the Vikings panel at WonderCon which went on without one empty seat. To see such a crowd there to support a new and popular show

Interview with Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick

The History Channel is about to premiere its first scripted drama, Vikings, this Sunday night. We had the opportunity to chat with the lovely Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha in