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Top 5 articles for the month of January

So the month of January had some pretty exciting things going on. First month of the new year, and we already got a bunch of news to enjoy! First off,

Chris Pratt training Jurassic World’s raptors will likely end up like this

From the Jurassic World trailer, we know that Chris Pratt’s character is a raptor trainer. He’s able to work with them; for example, unleash a bunch of raptors to do

Lego Jurassic World gets a teaser trailer

The fine folks over at Traveller’s Tales Games have set their sights on another huge franchise to build into your living room. Lego Jurassic World will include all four Jurassic park movies

New details on Jurassic World’s Indominus Rex

The Jurassic World theme park website has been updated, revealing new information about the mysterious Indominus Rex. The alpha predator will be at the center of the new film, meanwhile

Better look at the hybrid dinosaur in Jurassic World

Jurassic World will be introducing a hybrid dinosaur, with reports saying it’s the Indominus Rex, aka the D-Rex. Now we get a better look at the new creature with these promo

First official look at Jurassic World T-Rex Lego Set

A few months back, we posted a leaked image of the D-Rex in Lego form from the upcoming Jurassic World. Now thanks to a French Jurassic Park Lego fansite called Jurassic

Nerd Wars #29: Magical Leopluridon

We dissect Jurassic World’s kick-ass trailer, our ideas for one of the Star Wars spin-off films and another “The Moment In!” Check out our previous episodes here.

Here’s a look at the hybrid dinosaur, the D-rex, from Jurassic World

The premiere trailer for Jurassic World was released this week, and in it we get to learn about a new hybrid dinosaur that’s been created by the Jurassic World team.

Jurassic World director commentates on the trailer and reveals when the park opened

John Hammond had a dream. He wanted to create a world where humans and dinosaurs can co-exist in the same era. He wanted a theme park and resort that allowed

The Jurassic World trailer is here

The Jurassic World trailer is finally here, and we get to learn about the story and see a lot of juicy dinosaur footage. The newest thing the movie adds to the

Jurassic World teaser trailer pays homage to original Jurassic Park

  Universal just released a new 15-second teaser trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World, and it will give you the warm fuzzies inside. It starts off in the same way

Jurassic World gets a teaser for the teaser

With the age of the Internet, it’s now becoming a trend for companies to send out a teaser to tease the teaser trailer. (Try saying that three times.) Now we

New stills from Jurassic World featuring B.D. Wong and D-Rex LEGO

There are a bunch of new stills and images for Jurassic World featuring actors B.D. Wong as Henry Wu, Irrfan Khan and a LEGO version of the new terrifying dinosaur,

Jurassic World teases East Dock image

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park when Dennis Nedry accidentally knocks down the East Dock sign in the heavy rain? Well, that sign has been teased in a new photo

Jurassic World erects giant John Hammond statue in honor of Richard Attenborough

Director and actor Richard Attenborough passed away at the age of 90 just a few days ago, and already the Jurassic World team has erected a giant statue in his