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Joss Whedon talks Marvel Phase 2 and approves of James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy

Since the release of Avengers, Joss Whedon has his plate full with the upcoming Marvel Phase 2 (next set of Marvel movies leading up to Avengers 2). Because of his

Clark Gregg responds to Vision and Avengers 2 rumors

One of the biggest moments in the Superhero blockbuster that had everyone talking was the tragic death of Agent Coulson in The Avengers. Clark Gregg had been a part of

Avengers 2 release date set

Mark your calendars nerds and nerdettes. Disney has confirmed that the Joss Whedon space/earth, ermahgerd epic that will be Avengers 2 is set to be released on May 1st, 2015.

Joss Whedon signs 3 year deal with Marvel!

As most of you fans heard earlier today, Joss Whedon has agreed to write and direct the sequel to The Avengers. Not only will he do this, he is also

Joss Whedon is back on Avengers 2, developing Marvel TV show for ABC

Nerd nation rejoice! In a Walt Disney Investors Conference Call, Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that Joss Whedon is coming back to write and direct the Avengers 2 for Marvel.

Joss Whedon, The Complete Companion book review

Very few creative minds in the world of television are adored as fanatically or studied as thoroughly as Joss Whedon. Scholars flock to his work, exploring hundreds of topics in

Cast of ‘Firefly’ to Reunite at Comic-Con 2012

Fellow browncoats rejoice because you’re going to have a little something special to celebrate at Comic-Con this year. It looks like the entire cast and crew of the sci-fi hit ‘Firefly’

‘The Avengers’ Firefly Style

Check out this awesome mash up video recently released by a talent video editor that goes by the name Cruciatus featuring ‘The Avengers’ intro in a ‘Firefly’ style. Both the blockbuster movie

The Avengers to get a Director’s Cut theatrical release?

Rumor has it that Disney and Marvel are planning on releasing a Director’s Cut of The Avengers in theaters, with 35 minutes of additional footage tacked, at the end of

45 Minutes was cut out of The Avengers

Avengers-mania continues to roll on into the film’s second weekend. Reports are coming in that the film is doing as well as analysts predicted and is right on track for

Joss Whedon talks Thanos and what he has in store for The Avengers (Spoilers)

Avengersmania continues! Just recently we reported that the film is scheduled to reach $1 Billion dollars in revenue by Mother’s Day and took in a record-breaking $207.4 million over the

Joss Whedon finally reveals The Avengers alien race! (Spoilers)

It’s the Chitauri! Finally! Now, we can all get some sleep. Recently, the film has been receiving a lot of praise at early screenings. Joss Whedon held a press conference

Joss Whedon confirms the Skrulls will not be in The Avengers

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Marvel’s mega superhero crossover still is the identity of the invading alien race. For awhile now many have been speculating over just who or

Joss Whedon on visual style and fans’ expectation

Here’s an interview from PhilSTAR with director/writer Joss Whedon on the visual style of Marvel’s The Avengers and how he plans to cater to the fans. He talks about how

Early reviewers say The Avengers is great but are “meh” on Joss Whedon

We are only a few months away from the what might be the biggest blockbuster comic book film of all-time. Numerous top box-office films have all been leading to this

Joss Whedon shoots down Spider-Man cameo in The Avengers

A few weeks ago, every nerd around the world soiled their undergarments at the news of a possible appearance by everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in the The Avengers. With Sony

Dark Horse Comics Scheduled Signings and Panels at Comic-Con 2011 Including Joss Whedon

Dark Horse Comics is getting some big names for their panels and booth for Comic-Con 2011. Some names you might recognize at the Dark Horse booth #2615 for signing: Bruce

New Set Pictures from ‘The Avengers’!

The Marvel Movies Facebook page posted pictures of some heavy duty S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles from the set of Marvel’s Avengers. Not much here but at least S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are driving more

New Captain America and Hawkeye costume designs revealed for ‘The Avengers’

Superherohype.com managed to get a shot of a promotional poster for the upcoming Avengers film at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas. Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man

New MUST HAVE Book For Any Dr.Horrible Fan

Just recently received at the Nerd Reactor mail room, a new book on Joss Whedon’s Emmy award-winning musical comedy, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. The book takes you behind the scenes, giving