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Fox and Simon Kinberg still plan on making a Fantastic Four sequel

The reboot of Fantastic Four was recently released a couple months ago and received completely abysmal reviews and viewing numbers. No one was asking for a reboot, however, Fox didn’t care

More details on the Josh Trank, Fox and Fantastic Four drama

If you’re Josh Trank, life isn’t going well for you now. Trank pulled a move that was unprofessional by dissing the Fantastic Four movie during opening week, saying that his version

Josh Trank blames Fox for bad Fantastic Four reviews

Fantastic Four officially hits theaters tomorrow (there are some theaters showing the film today) and reviews are pouring in. It is currently at 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is

Is changing the race or gender of an established comic book character a good idea?

Comic book movies and television shows have been powering moreso through Hollywood in the past 10 years. We’re at an age where we can just look at a popular comic

Josh Trank reveals why he left Star Wars

Josh Trank was originally supposed to direct a Star Wars spin-off after Gareth Evans’s Star Wars: Rogue One. The first big sign of something feeling off was when the Trank was

Josh Trank wants Fantastic Four fans to question his directing

Josh Trank, the director of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, has been getting flak from fans left and right. There are reports saying that he trashed the movie’s set and

Josh Trank denies Matthew Vaughn reshoots for Fantastic Four

So far the whole vibe around Fox’s reboot of The Fantastic Four has not been good and it doesn’t help that rumors keep coming out that there have been problems

Disney booted Josh Trank from Star Wars spin-off?

Here comes the drama! We have news that Josh Trank will not be directing the Star Wars spin-off movie. The announcement was made by Disney and Lucasfilm (via Variety). “It

Josh Trank absent from Star Wars Celebration panel

Star Wars Celebration’s most-anticipated panel on Sunday was clearly the panel with directors Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank. “Conversations with Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank” was supposed to be a panel

Stan Lee approves of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four

Fox’s new Fantastic Four film has been heavily scrutinized over the last few months. Rumors of problems on the set have been spreading, leading many wondering what would be the

Josh Trank on why we haven’t heard much from the Fantastic Four reboot

We saw some concept designs for the Fantastic Four reboot suits including one for Michael B Jordan’s Johnny Storm and Miles Teller’s Reed Richard. These may or may not be

Fantastic Four reboot to have ‘expensive reshoots’?

There are many news and rumors surrounding the drama of the Fantastic Four reboot. We have a report saying that director Josh Trank is trashing the set, and then there are the

Matthew Vaughn tells us what he thinks about the Fantastic Four reboot

Matthew Vaughn is a well known director and no stranger to the superhero genre that’s enveloping Hollywood right now. If you didn’t know, he directed Xmen: First Class, which was the

Director Josh Trank trashes the Fantastic Four reboot set?

I’ll be honest and I’m not going to bullshit anyone here, but I’m not excited for the Fantastic Four reboot. I really am not, and that’s how I feel about it.

Leaked Doctor Doom photos from Fantastic Four reboot

Art by Michael Turner A leaked photo of the Thing from Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot has been popping up all over the Internet, but it was quickly taken down

Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank announced to direct stand-alone Star Wars film

Lucasfilm and Disney have dropped another breaking news today. Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, is officially announced as a director for one of the many stand-alone

Josh Trank denies rumor of Josh Gad as Fantastic Four’s Thing

Whenever a rumor is being reported for the Fantastic Four reboot, director Josh Trank quickly denies it. For example, it was rumored that the origin of the Fantastic Four was going

Michael B. Jordan is okay with having a black Human Torch

We have two different sides arguing about whether or not the Human Torch should be black in the Josh Trank-directed Fantastic Four reboot. In the comic book, the Fantastic Four’s

So we might get a black Human Torch for Fantastic Four reboot

Whenever a comic book character changes color when adapted to the big screen, you can bet your ass there will be some controversy surrounding it, including some fans getting bent out of

Fantastic Four gets rebooted for 2015

Art by SpiderGuile Well, according to ERCBoxOffice, the Fantastic Four reboot will be out in theaters on March 6, 2015. The movie will be directed by Josh Trank, who has

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