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Henry Cavill gives 3rd tease of Green Lantern in DC Extended Universe

Over the past 2 weeks, Henry Cavill has been setting off a series of tweets hinting at the coming of Hal Jordan to the big screen. We do know that

Common would still be excited to play Green Lantern

Common is a hot actor right now, especially since he won an Oscar for the Selma song, “Glory”, with John Legend. The actor/rapper was once set to play John Stewart, aka

Green Lantern’s John Stewart fan-made series gets a teaser

Will the new Green Lantern feature Hal Jordan or John Stewart? We won’t know until closer to the release (it’ll be coming to theaters 5 years later), but we can get

Arrow’s Diggle is not going to be John Stewart

There was a theory that said that John Diggle from Arrow was hinted at becoming John Stewart, a Green Lantern. Actor David Ramsey commented on it, saying that it may or

Arrow’s David Ramsey on Diggle actually being John Stewart?

I’ve heard some crazy theories recently for some DC shows. The Penguin actually being the Joker on Fox’s Gotham is probably one of the more known theories. But what about Arrow‘s

Why Tyrese will make an awesome Green Lantern

Tyrese has been getting a lot of slack over the past few days since he first hinted at possibly playing John Stewart, aka a Green Lantern. I think he would