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John Carter’s box office gross has surpassed its budget

John Carter was a very expensive film to make for Disney, with a reported budget of $250 million. The movie’s opening weekend did good with $30 million nationwide, but it

John Carter Podcast Review

The story of John Carter inspired many sci-fi stories like Avatar, Star Wars, and Superman. How does the movie hold up even after all the films that it inspired came

Check out 10 minutes of John Carter

John Carter is just less than a week away. With the final trailer already released, Disney has decided to release 10 minutes of John Carter online. The scene below sets

And the John Carter reviews are in, many of them positive

The embargo date has been lifted for Disney’s John Carter, as the critics are flushing in from all over to chime in on what they thought about the film by

A fan-made John Carter trailer outdoes Disney’s official trailers

As a fan of John Carter, it pains me to see how Disney is marketing the movie. The film is being directed by Andrew Stanton, the man responsible for directing

New promo footage and clip from Disney’s John Carter

We’re treated with some new footage from Disney’s upcoming John Carter film. The movie is being directed by Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, WALL-E) and is based on the godfather of

New John Carter images featuring the beautiful Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas

More images have surfaced for Disney’s John Carter after the Super Bowl spot premiered for the movie. These images include Lynn Collins as the sexy Dejah Thoris and Willem Dafoe

The godfather of sci-fi, John Carter, extended Super Bowl spot

Here’s the extended Super Bowl tv spot for Disney’s John Carter. This movie is my first anticipated movie of the year. We have Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo

Want a chance to walk the red carpet of Disney’s John Carter? Become a D23 member

If you’re a D23 member, you’re in luck. On Wednesday, Feb. 8, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club will be having free tickets (as long as they’re available) for Disney’s

Teasers for The Avengers and John Carter Super Bowl Spots

What a world we live in where we get teasers for a teaser. Take both Disney movies, The Avengers and John Carter, for example. The Avengers movie is doing a

Disney’s John Carter Gets a Giant IMAX Poster

If you’re going to be promoting John Carter on IMAX, then you better go BIG, like the poster below. The movie is being directed by Andrew Stanton, the guy who

Disney’s John Carter Gets a New Trailer

Check out the new trailer for Disney’s John Carter starring Taylor Kitsch as John Carter and Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris. Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ books, it’s the granddaddy

John Carter’s Almost Full Trailer Preview

Here’s the almost new full trailer for Disney’s John Carter courtesy of Good Morning America. The actual full trailer will supposedly hit tomorrow online. The movie follows a U.S. civil

Disney’s ‘Lone Ranger’ to Proceed and ‘John Carter’ Needs This Much for Sequel

A lot of Disney news today as the Lone Ranger is being greenlit again and John Carter needing lots of Box Office moolah to justify a sequel. The Lone Ranger

‘John Carter’ D23 Expo Footage Details

The Walt Disney Studios presentation went all out during D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center. In this article, I’ll be writing about the John Carter presentation with director Andrew

Disney to Show Off Marvel’s Avengers, Pixar’s Brave and John Carter at D23 Expo

Well, looks like Marvel was definitely holding out on Comic-Con with this announcement. The Walt Disney Studios has announced big plans for D23 Expo, an expo for everything Disney on

Teaser Trailer for the Grandfather of Sci-Fi Fantasies, John Carter, Is Here

It’s out sooner than I thought, but here’s the teaser trailer for John Carter (of Mars), which is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs works. The movie is being directed by

John Carter Teaser and Clips Impressions

Check it out as Collider, /Film, and Ain’t It Cool team up for this video blog as they talk about what they’ve witnessed at the John Carter editing room. John

Mark Strong Stands by John Carter Title Change

So John Carter was originally John Carter of Mars. The studios changed it, but many speculate that the change was for marketing purpose. Mark Strong reveals the real reason behind

John Carter (of Mars) Concept Arts and Andrew Stanton Skipping Comic-Con

A day after the release of the John Carter (of Mars) teaser poster, new concept artworks emerge for the movie inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ books. The film is looking

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