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Jim Henson puppets return in Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance teaser trailer

Back in 1982, directors Jim Henson and Frank Oz brought to life The Dark Crystal, a film that utilized animatronic puppets and slowly gained a cult following. Decades later, Netflix and The

New Labyrinth film won’t be reboot says screenwriter

On January 10th, we lost legendary singer and actor David Bowie. Less than two weeks after this tragic event, reports claimed that TriStar had worked out a deal with The

‘Critics’ express outrage about Kermit’s new girlfriend because why not?

If you didn’t already know, there was recent news that hit the web about Kermit the Frog breaking up with his long time girlfriend, Miss Piggy. Their relationship had finally

Stan Lee vs Jim Henson in Epic Rap Battles of History finale

It is on! Stan Lee, the man who co-created many of our favorite Marvel heroes, is going up against Jim Henson, the man behind the Muppets, in the season 4

Voice of the Count from Sesame Street has passed

Jerry Nelson, the voice The Count, died at the age of 78. The Count was always one of my favorites of Sesame Street growing up. His accent always got me