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Batman: Arkham Knight gets pushed back, plus ‘Officer Down’ gameplay

Today a new gameplay video has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight called “Officer Down”. It opens up with Batman and Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop trying to figure out what to

Gotham review: ‘Welcome Back, Jim Gordon’

Gotham has had its ups and downs throughout this season – mostly up with the characters and the twists. This episode seemed to bring it back down. SUPER GORDON Jim

‘Gotham’ is ‘Serpico’ meets ‘Batman: The Animated’ series

Gotham is not a show about Batman. It’s not meant to be a show about Batman, and people who keep lamenting the Dark Knight’s absence are missing a really fun

Actor for Jim Gordon has been chosen for Fox’s Gotham TV series

Ben McKenzie of Southland and The OC has been given the lead role for Fox’s new TV show Gotham. The series will focus on Jim Gordon before he became Commissioner