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Minions: The Rise of Gru Review – The Boys Are Back in Town

Minions: The Rise of Gru is just what you’d expect from a Minions movie. Five movies in, and the formula haven’t changed one bit. You won’t find anything new here, so if you’re

Interview: Jean-Claude Van Damme on Amazon’s action comedy Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Jean-Claude Van Johnson is available on Amazon Prime Video today, and fans can now see the muscles from Brussels return as an action star. This time he’s back with his

The Tick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson to become Amazon Original Series

Amazon Studios recently released the pilot episodes for “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” and “The Tick.” If you watched both and were hoping that both shows would be getting the Amazon Original

Amazon’s The Tick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson pilots are now available

It’s that time again. Amazon has released three new pilots, and it’s up to the viewers to vote which pilot will become a series. I Love Dick stars Kevin Bacon and

Jean-Claude Van Damme trains new ‘fighter’ in Kickboxer: Vengeance trailer

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been a fan-favorite martial arts actor back in the late ’80s/early ’90s. He recently made a semi-comeback with films like JCVD and The Expendables 2. Now

New sneak peek for Kickboxer Vengeance trailer starring Jean-Claude Van Damme

Check out the new sneak peek for the Kickboxer Vengeance trailer. It features Dave Bautista, George St-Pierre, Gina Carano and the return of Jean-Claude Van Damme. The film is a

Jean-Claude Van Damme will return in the Kickboxer remake

If you don’t know who Jean-Claude Van Damme is, you need to go out and watch the movie, Bloodsport. That was the main movie that launched Van Damme’s career into the

Chuck Norris ups Jean-Claude Van Damme’s truck split

You thought Jean-Claude Van Damme’s split between two trucks was epic? Think again. Here’s one with Chuck Norris doing the splits between two airplanes. To make it even more epic,

Jean-Claude Van Damme does an epic split between two Volvo trucks

Here’s a test with Jean-Claude Van Damme showing off the stability and precision of the Volvo Dynamic Steering Technology. Wait a minute, is that Van Damme doing the splits between

Jean-Claude Van Damme will be in a UFO movie

Jean-Claude Van Damme will be in UFO, an Independence Day-type movie about five friends trying to survive an alien invasion. A trailer for the movie was recently released, and it

Review: ‘Assassination Games’ Starring Jean-Claude Van Dame

It may look like Jean-Claude Van Damme hasn’t been doing any movies lately, but he has (they’re just not as big as back in the day). His latest movie, Assassination