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John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick based on 90’s Flash

John Wesley Shipp once portrayed the 1990’s version of The Flash as Barry Allen and has had an integral role on the current The Flash. He not only is now playing Barry’s father,

The Flash S2 E1 ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’ Recap

The first season of CW’s The Flash brought us modern TV take on the Scarlet Speedster. We met Barry Allen, Iris West, Firestorm, and the Reverse Flash just to name

SDCC 2015: Jay Garrick, Patty Spivot, Wally West and Zoom are coming to The Flash season 2

In the second annual DC Entertainment’s Super Hero Saturday Night panel at San Diego Comic-Con, “The Flash’s” showrunners revealed some big news regarding some of the newest characters joining the

The Flash full outfit and Speed Force teaser?

Last week we got a bit of a teaser with only a bit of the costume that Grant Gustin would be donning as Barry Allen’s The Flash. Now we get to see the