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Original Tamagotchi makes a comeback in Japan

Everything popular from the 1990s returns at some point (at least, it seems that way). Now as seen on Amazon, the original Tamagotchi gets another chance in Japan for its

Straw Godzilla found!

Every year in Fukuoka, a fall festival is held and this year the city has decided to make a straw Godzilla. The beastly creation is around 22 feet tall and

Japan’s Prime Minister emerges as Super Mario during Rio Olympics closing ceremony

(Photo credit: Telegraph and AFP) The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, made a spectacular appearance at the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The

Death Eaters to attack Harry Potter Wizarding World Japan this Halloween

Universal Studios’ Wizarding World in Osaka, Japan is adding a new haunting theme to their park this Halloween. Aside from the typical haunted houses and characters roaming the Universal Studios

Japanese Pokemon Go players gather in droves for MewTwo

With Japan finally getting Pokemon Go, the Japanese people were quick to go out in droves to parks and other public locations to become “the very best.” And many went

Japanese government going after anime pirates

This is One Piece come to life. It’s the government vs pirates, and the government has employed a pirate hunter to go after anime pirates. The Japanese government has upgraded

Fanime up next for West Coast con season

WonderCon has come and gone and up next is Fanime for the West Coast nerd convention. As usual, it will be held during Memorial Day weekend, in San Jose, California.

Japan’s late-night arcade scene is a bust

By Imoto Arcade So right now I am visiting family in Japan, my yearly trip, but meanwhile, I’ve been creating a mini-series about the current look at arcade culture in

The Raid’s Gareth Evans creates stunning short film of feudal Japan and assassins

Many directors carry a stylistic vision when it comes to fimmaking. Much like painting, many creative minds in cinema have fine tuned their talents to a sharp point, much like

First look at Japan’s Godzilla

The Japanese Shin Godzilla, or Godzilla Resurgence (outside Japan), is due out later this year. Over the weekend, a picture of the new Godzilla that Japan is producing was tweeted out

Drone police launching to clamp down on crime

Two years ago, the Nerd Reactor crew went to CES and saw a rise in a technological product: consumer-grade aerial drones. While it did not take hold of the public’s

Smite Down: Japanese gods

The guys at HiRez have teased fans a little by tweeting about the next god to be revealed. That's right – the next SMITE Pantheon will be Japanese! Learn more

Cast for live-action Resident Evil stage production revealed on Twitter

It seems for all the world wide importation of originally Japanese expressions of fandom such as cosplay and doujinshi, Japan is still finding unique ways to celebrate beloved series. A

Godzilla is now a resident of Japan? Oh my!!

Our favorite giant monster, Godzilla, has been around for a quite some time and it looks like Japan has finally recognized him as a citizen and appointed him as tourism ambassador.

President Obama thanks Japan for anime, manga, and emojis

If there’s one thing Japan is known for, it’s for being super nerdy. Now President Obama has adds to that by thanking Japan for anime, manga, emoji, and more. This was

Dragon Ball returns and we have questions

Did Battle of Gods quench your DBZ thirst? Will Resurrection F feed the hunger of battle for you? If not, have no fear, because it was recently revealed that Dragon Ball is coming

Naruto’s Kakashi finally reveals his face?

With Naruto finally ending in the manga, I thought they would at least show fans Kakashi’s face. Well it seems like those that went to the Naruto exhibit, which opened a couple days

Shinjuku Train Station now offers Psycho-Pass evaluation

Have you ever thought what your Crime Coefficient would be in real life? In the anime Psycho Pass, citizens are judged based on their crime coefficient (the likelihood that they will

Samurai Warriors 4 (review)

Samurai Warriors is back again and this time boasting the most content to date. Koei Tecmo really pulled out all the stops for their 4th iteration. Samurai Warriors 4 has

A look inside the Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe

A very common thing found in Japan are themed cafes. You’ve heard of maid and host cafes but there are also video game and anime themed ones that open from