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JAPAN CUTS: Wife of a Spy (スパイの妻) Review

Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa has made a name for himself in the horror genre with such classics as Pulse and Cure. However, with Wife of a Spy, the horror auteur expands to do something he’s

JAPAN CUTS: Hiruko the Goblin (妖怪ハンター ヒルコ) Review

There is something strangely beautiful about watching a Japanese horror flick. J-horror always seems to flow like cherry blossoms in the wind while the creatures stem from the depths of

JAPAN CUTS: Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction (騙し絵の牙) Review

On paper, Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction‘s subject matter is not the most interesting of topics. Yet, Ichirô Kusuno’s riveting story of corporate politics and literary backstabbings creates a sense of

JAPAN CUTS: The Great Yokai War: Guardians (妖怪大戦争 ガーディアンズ) Review

Takashi Miike. A director known for his bloody cult classics such as Ichi the Killer and Audition. Yet, in 2005, Miike looked to create a movie for kids with the fantasy adventure, The Great

JAPAN CUTS: The Pass: Last Days of the Samurai (峠 最後のサムライ) Review

As Bong Joon-ho famously said in his Globes acceptance speech, “once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” With The Pass: