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J.J. Abrams to produce live-action adaption of anime ‘Your Name’

Last year, Your Name was the biggest anime feature film to come out of Japan to date. The film shattered box-office records, becoming the highest-grossing anime worldwide, a record that was

He’s back! J.J. Abrams will direct ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’

UPDATE: We have a brand new release date! In order to accommodate the creative shuffling behind-the-scenes of Episode IX, Lucasfilm moved the release date from May 24, 2019 to December

J.J. Abrams says he’s done with reboots and remakes

J.J. Abrams right now is literally a juggernaut in the TV and film industry. When his name becomes attached to a project, it’s almost like gold. I myself am a

10 Cloverfield Lane – Blu-ray Review

10 Cloverfield Lane is the spiritual sequel to the J.J. Abrams’ found footage monster film, Cloverfield. 10 Cloverfield Lane is in no way shape or form a direct sequel to

J.J. Abrams gives hint on Rey’s parents in Star Wars

We all know that there has been a massive amount of talking regarding who Rey’s parents are in new Star Wars movies. With her being a Jedi and being able

How J.J. Abrams is helping with Star Wars: Episode VIII

Even though J.J. Abrams isn’t directing Star Wars: Episode VIII, he’s still attached as the executive producer. He has revealed to Wired how he is helping out Rian Johnson, who’s

J.J. Abrams delays Star Wars: Battlefront release

Disclaimer: This was an April Fool’s article. J.J. Abrams has just made every Star Wars fan scream in agony. Fortunately, it’s not in regards to the closely guarded Episode VII, but

J.J. Abrams comments on the controversy over the Star Wars crossguard lightsaber

Ever since the first teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie came out, nothing has been more analyzed and chastised than the crossguard lightsaber. Numerous fans have created charts and

G.I. Joe director is in the running to helm Star Trek 3

It’s no secret now that J.J. has landed the be-all to end-all nerd gig with Star Wars: Episode VII. Many knew that this would more than likely be Abram’s last hoorah

J.J. Abrams helped out with Iron Man 3?

Someone needs to stop this man. He’s the devil I tell you! The devil! You’d better watch your back Joss Whedon. Give J.J. a chance and I’m sure he’ll pull

Star Trek star LeVar Burton calls “[email protected]#” on J.J. Abrams

Woah! Some harsh words coming from the man that encouraged me to read at a young age. Earlier this week, news has broken out that former Star Trek: The Next

William Shatner calls J.J. Abrams a pig for going to Star Wars

Being an avid Star Wars fan, I was more than stoked when I heard that J.J. Abrams would be directing the next trilogy for the franchise. Granted, he is still

Updated: Simon Pegg says J.J. Abrams will direct Star Trek 3?

UPDATE: Simon Pegg posted on his official twitter account that he does not know for sure whether or not J.J. Abrams will return for the next Star Trek film. Just

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot to bring Half-Life and Portal to the big screen

J.J. Abrams is quite the busy man isn’t he? Currently he’s finishing post-production on Star Wars Trek, then it’s onto Star Trek Wars: Episode VII. Now Variety’s Marc Graser is

Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl ad hits the net!

A lot of big trailers are scheduled to be released today during the big game, but you no longer have to wait for the new trailer for Star Trek Into

Benicio Del Toro Is KHAN – J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek 2’?

Benicio Del Toro is KHAN – J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek 2’ Announces is the character Khan will be the villain to J.J. Abrams Star Trek sequel.

Blu-ray Review: Super 8

As expected from a movie coming from two great movie minds, J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, it was in good hands when those two decided to take part in it. I

William Shatner Scene Cut Out of J.J. Abram’s Star Trek?

Recently, Star Trek screenwriter Robert Orci talked with The Hollywood Reporter about a scene with The Shatner that was left on the cutting room floor. The scene was never actually

STAR TREK 2 Poster!

Star Trek 2 poster revealed. Is it a viral poster? Is it an early marketing agenda for the upcoming film? Either way, the poster looks awesome!

J.J Abrams New Super 8 Viral Site, That Crazy Jew!

The world got a glimpse of the new J.J Abrams and Steven Spielberg film Super 8 and not too long after the first viral website http://www.scariestthingieversaw.com/ arrived. Rocket Poppeteers, newspaper images, and John