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Robert Downey Jr says Iron Man 4 isn’t happening

Millions of people out there love Robert Downey Jr for portraying Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that said, many are interested in seeing him

Robert Downey Jr. confirms Iron Man 4

With Robert Downey Jr promoting his latest movie, The Judge, everyone has been asking him about Iron Man 4. He joked that he would only do the movie if Mel

Robert Downey Jr trolls internet with Iron Man 4 ultimatum

Robert Downey Jr. recently joked over the weekend that he’ll do Iron Man 4 if Mel Gibson was the director. This came from Deadline during a Judge Q&A and had many fans

Robert Downey Jr says no Iron Man 4

Robert Downey Jr. originally signed a contract to do three Iron Man films and one Avengers film. He fulfilled that and has received $50 million for The Avenger and Iron Man 3

The future of Iron Man uncertain?

After a successful overseas launch of Iron Man 3 coupled with the United States launch this past weekend, you’d think that Robert Downey Jr. would say with confidence that he