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Final Fight, Street Fighter 2, and Others Only 99¢ On iPhone Til’ April 7th

Capcom released their “Capcom Arcade” on iPhone and iPod Touch last November, and right now there’s a sale for every game on it. Capcom will give you three tokens a

Free Rock Climbing Game GIRP Twists Your Fingers in a Fun Way

GIRP is a free browser game just released by creator Bennet Foddy. He previously made the iPhone game “QWOP“, the one in which you control the different body parts of

Final Fantasy 3 Finally Released Worldwide on iPhone, iPod Touch

Here’s the newly released trailer for Final Fantasy 3 for iPhone: Source: Siliconera 2nd Source: Attack of the Fanboy

iPhone 4 Beetle Cases Giveaway

Hello guys and girls. We have another giveaway for you and this one are for the Apple lovers. We’re giving away the iPhone 4 Beetle cases. Here’s a description of

Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP Mezmerizes iPad Users This Thursday

I had seen the pictures of this game before, but information about exactly what kind of gameplay experience you’re going to get once you’re finally in it is hard to

Playable Angry Birds Birthday Cake – Video

I’ve seen plenty of video game cakes before, but never one that was playable. Have you heard of Angry Birds yet? No? It’s a game in which you slingshot angry

Final Fantasy 3, Final Fantasy Tactics to iPhone?

I hate iPhones for the lack of a D-pad, but they sure are getting a heck of a lot of support these days. The latest news is that Square-Enix will

Paranmanjang Trailer: Old Boy Director Uses iPhone 4

Paranmanjang (which means ‘Life Full of Ups and Downs’) is a thirty minute fantasy/horror film shot entirely on the iPhone 4.  Directed by Chan-wook Park (known for films such as

Devil May Cry 4 Coming to iPhone Later This Month

Website Slide To Play recently revealed that Capcom is currently making final polish to the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Devil May Cry 4. From the screen shots shown on the

Bitchin Iphone Game Lets You Defend Your Hometown from TIE Fighters

This is by far one of the most innovative cell phone games to come around in a long time. Vertigore Games has created a game where you are a gunner

Iphone vs. Android vs. Blackberry

Here is a very funny comic strip brought to you by CsectionComics.  It shows how smartphone users see each other and how smartphone users see 2g phone users.

Can You Believe This is An iPhone Game?

Do your eyes deceive you? Surely this is an Xbox 360, or PS3 game. Well, that assumption is wrong. Somehow Chair Entertainment, developer of Shadow Complex for Xbox Live, have

Marvel Game Going Social! Facebook, iPhone & More.

Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Wolverine are one of the four sure-members to get socially molested, fingered, and toggled with new collectible games coming to Facebook, iPhone, and other

Jailbreaking is Legal!

To all my Jailbreakers, Good news! Jailbreaking is now legal. Straight from the Dev-Team Blog, they spread news of a victory for Jailbraking the Ipod Touch/Iphone. No longer will you

Million Dollar Test Lab and Still Bad Reception – Behind the Scenes Look at Apple’s Iphone Test Lab

In an attempt to divert the attention from the growing heat that the company has received over the antenna issues with the Iphone 4g, Apple has released on their website