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Angry Birds launch into Space today

If you weren’t one of the (possibly) thousands (millions?) who stayed up until the minute Angry Birds Space was available, well, this post is for you: Angry Birds Space is

The iPad 3 is upon us

Apple just recently sent out invitations for a media event to be held in San Francisco next Wednesday March 7. Apple PR has not verified that they will be unveiling

Mario and Zelda Songbooks Now Available Outside of Japan

Do you have the theme songs to Mario and Zelda etched permanently onto some small section of your brain? Even the most casual of gamers can break out into song

CES 2012 – Australian Laptop Cases by Toffee, Koala Bears Not Included

Nobody can deny the saturation of Apple accessories on the market. The showrooms of CES immediately attest to this fact, but reality is that you may sometimes find a product

Review: The Joystick-It from Thinkgeek

When the Ipad first hit the market it opened a floodgate of possibilities for third party accessory developers based on its gaming capabilities alone. You can’t get more nostalgic than

iOS RPG Chaos Rings Gets Prequel and Sequel

Last year, Square Enix decided to release a Japanese RPG game to the Apple app store. Released on the iOS devices, Chaos Rings is a turn-based dungeon crawler that was

iPad Gets Slam Dunked by NBA Jam

Now this seems like a very smart move for the NBA Jam series. While it is a fun game, I’m not sure a lot of people are going to be

Atari Brings 100 Retro Games to Apple’s iOS

Atari is bringing 100 retro games to iOS via it’s “Atari’s Greatest Hits” app. Just downloading the app itself will get you pong for free. You can buy all 100

Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP Mezmerizes iPad Users This Thursday

I had seen the pictures of this game before, but information about exactly what kind of gameplay experience you’re going to get once you’re finally in it is hard to

NES Controller On iPad – It’s About Time

I still question the lack of a D-pad on an iPad, and apparently someone else out there agrees. In the video you’ll see that Youtube user ProtoDojo attaches mechanical fingers

@Gamer Ipad App

There are plenty of gaming magazines available in print but now Best Buy’s official Magazine @Gamer is now ready for iPad users. If you subscribed to Best Buy’s magazine you’re

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