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First in-game screenshots of ‘Angry Birds Space’ – our impressions

Based on these first screenshots of Angry Birds Space, it appears that Rovio knows exactly how to capitalize on their mega-hit franchise. They’ve already expanded the original via numerous free

Your new version of PONG could win $100,000

If you’re an indie developer with even an inkling of talent, you might want to get on Atari’s 40th anniversary celebration of PONG. They’re celebrating with a challenge: you, the

Angry Birds Space – yes, it’s a new Angry Birds game

Did you really think those Angry Birds were just going to get therapy, report the pigs to the authorities, and then get on with their lives? Find a river-shaped location

Icade brings the Nostalgia with the 8-bitty for iOS

With the iOS devices like the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad delivering retro gaming, its sometimes hard to enjoy the games with the small in-game touch screen and enjoy the full view.

Mario and Zelda Songbooks Now Available Outside of Japan

Do you have the theme songs to Mario and Zelda etched permanently onto some small section of your brain? Even the most casual of gamers can break out into song

Samsung and Google Take the Top Spot in the Mobile Phone Market

For the three months ending in November, Samsung has been number 1 in the handset market, and Google’s Android has the most U.S. market shares in the smartphone department. Samsung’s

Grand Theft Auto III for iOS and Android Smartphones $2.99 Starting Today

Grand Theft Auto III is one of the most popular video games of all time. It was a pioneer during its time and allowed players to run over pedestrians, jack

Grand Theft Auto III Is Now on Android and iOS

Grand Theft Auto III, the game that created a widespread panic with clueless adults who think people were going to turn into murderers, is now available for the Android and

‘Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition’ Heads to Mobile Market December 15th

A few of the new generation iOS and Android device will be compatible with the Grand Theft III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition game next week on December 15, 2011. It’ll

::Updated:: Hands On with iOS Skydiving Game: High Flyer Death Defyer

Anyone out there aching to play some type of Pilotwings game on their iOS? I drove to Los Angeles to try out a new game called, “High Flyer Death Defyer”,

iOS RPG Chaos Rings Gets Prequel and Sequel

Last year, Square Enix decided to release a Japanese RPG game to the Apple app store. Released on the iOS devices, Chaos Rings is a turn-based dungeon crawler that was

Atari Brings 100 Retro Games to Apple’s iOS

Atari is bringing 100 retro games to iOS via it’s “Atari’s Greatest Hits” app. Just downloading the app itself will get you pong for free. You can buy all 100