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Hitman 2 is silent but deadly fun

With games like Splinter Cell hiding in the shadows and Metal Gear headed in a downward spiral (due to no more Kojima), the stealth genre feels as if it’s been

Hitman to receive two more seasons

Hitman has been a great success for the franchise, often being heralded as a return to form. This success has prompted IO Interactive to announce that there will be two more

Agent 47 is ready to film with Rupert Friend as the assassin himself

I’ve been a HUGE, HUGE fan of the Hitman games since the very first one on PC. As we all know, the Hitman movie that was released back in 2007

Hitman: Absolution Community Site, Now Accepting New Members

IO Interactive is now on their 5th installment in the Hitman franchise, and this one looks like it could be the one to propel the series to new heights. To