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MTG sends Intro and Fat Packs to the graveyard

When the Wizards of the Coast team had said that they were going to do PAX big, they were most definitely not lying. Kaladesh looks like it is going to

Power Ranking the Eldritch Moon Intro Packs

Eldritch Moon is here, and with a new Magic: The Gathering set means we get five new Intro Packs. Intro Packs are great for beginner to intermediate players because they

MTG Intro Pack Battle! Ghostly Tide vs. Vampiric Thirst

Enough cannot be said how for excited we are with the Shadows Over Innistrad set. The flavor, the mechanics, and the cards themselves are awesome. We simply cannot get enough

Power Ranking the Battle for Zendikar Intro Packs

#5 Swarming Instinct (Blue/Green) Played by Marcus Hunter Swarming Instinct has a clear strategy with a lot of great looking Eldrazi spells; however, the deck falls short of expectations leaving